When I was a kid, this particular question always appeared in my little head as to why are these people really riding in these amazing, huge and totally longer cars than usual? Growing up in urban city, I was always intrigued by who those limousine riders were? For me, Limousine itself was an exciting subject, but far more than that, I was curious about the people within it that I could see. I had always wondered what they were doing? Where were they from? And why are they using limousines particularly when there were so many other modes of transport? Checkout limousine for more info. Over the years, I’ve been around to see a lot of things, they change and go, but the thrill of seeing a luxury city car or street limousine is the same. Today, with added insight, I try to answer certain questions that may be hanging over many ‘s minds.

While limousine travel has come a long way today, its meaning in society among people and its denotations has never changed due to the advances in technology and economy. Limousines often represented a sign of luxury and comfort. Even when looking back in time, limousines have always been a higher sign of status, a symbol of wealth and prestige, and a means of higher-class transportation projecting the splendour and lavishness accompanied by luxury lifestyle and comfort.

Limousine was mainly used during the mid-19th century by the ‘Royals’ and ‘Bourgeois,’ the ruler class, aristocrat, wealthy and affluent businessmen, political figures, legislatures, and administrators. And as Hollywood ‘s success entered the scene, limousines were commonly used by stars, actresses and celebrities in the movies. But before that, the big band leaders and orchestras used limousines with an intention to advertise their fame and fortune in different parts of the country. They were named the Big Band Bus.

As limousine started to climb on high in the 1930’s, limousine passengers were ‘tourists’ and ‘guests’ driven to and from the hotels and airport. That opened up a whole new market in hospitality for hoteliers. Many tour operators and holiday rentals have joined in providing elegant and comfortable luxury in their services by offering their clients limousines as a mode of transportation.