Starting your own bakery business is something any baker or chef would dream of. Individuals with no experience or expertise in making bread or pastry are also interested because of their opportunities to get involved. Food related business often yields steady income and good return not to mention how quickly this business can develop. It is focused on the fact that 61 percent of Americans eat breakfast everyday, and 32 percent eat it out or bought it at least once a week. It company alone produces US revenue of $18 billion a year. The U’s By 2012 The s bread and roll market is estimated to be worth $14. 2 Milliarde. What about other Continent and Region? Well for developing country mostly in South East Asia, because of its versatility and fast serving, bread and pastry were considered as an alternative for rice. Office workers need something easy for lunch to save time particularly for a woman who considers bread as a replacement for rice for a diet.original site

Until you can start your own bakery there are essential steps to take. You need to decide first what kind of bakery company you want to run. Home bakery company sounds quick and easy to handle but you need to take the pros and cons into consideration. It would be great for advertisers to run a factory in the middle of a suburban area but it can be a nightmare for the neighbors. Loud sound from your computer will cause your neighbours’ head aches. You may choose to be the supplier of bread and pastry. On store assistant you can save costs and show space. Prepare a full production kitchen and send your bread to another bakery or cafe. This kind of bakery doesn’t need a lot of promotional publicity because you just need to meet the cafe manager or restaurant owner to get a sales. After you have determined which type of bakery you want, it’s time to compose your business plan. No matter how small or big every company needs a proper company plan to succeed. You will keep track of your business growth and success with this Business Plan. You need to write a business plan that includes your product description, your targeted client, budget, management and staff, purpose and mission for your organization.

Financing is the hard part at starting a company. Where are you going to fund your booking business? You certainly know how much you need as starting cost if you have a good business plan. It includes equipment expenses, proper show space, ads, and rentals. Monthly expenses such as utility charges, rent and wages are also included. You need to measure the cost of your company every day and project the operating cost for at least 12 months. Now, when you have the exact numbers, you can start thinking about how to get that money. You can use your own money, borrow cash, or find a benefactor willing to invest in your company. Proper business strategy will encourage creditors to unlock a loan for you, and soften the bank management. It’s time to find a suitable place for your bakery, after taking care of financing. Since it is located in residential area, home-based bakery is very good for marketing as described before. Bread and pastry are generally required for breakfast and evening meal. The strategic location will ensure revenue flow and growth. It’s high traffic and residential area that you need to remember for good spot. But make sure that your bakery is not too close to the rival because it will have an effect on your sales.