Have you been injured in a slip and fall incident on someone else’s property? If you are trying to claim you’ve been injured owing to the property owner ‘s fault, you will need a personal injuries specialist to help you figure out the case ‘s information. Have a look at Page & Eichenblatt, P.A. Here are some things you might want to ask yourself if you think you could have a case for a claim to slip and fall:

Is the owner of the property liable for your accident?

In order to make a lawsuit for this kind of incident, the land owner needs to assess the responsibility. This is proved when the owner has deliberately failed to take proper precautions that would prevent somebody from falling and getting injured. A company owner, for example, may have a broken area on the floor where customers are continually tripping over. When he or she does an effort to repair it, they can be found responsible for all damage that might arise. This could help to prove the business owner ‘s negligence, meaning they can be sued for damages.

Was there something done to avoid a potential fall?

Cases of slip and fall are also judged on whether the land owner was reckless or not. Sometimes it can be hard to prove that the owner was completely at fault. This is when you need to prove the owner knew about the problem which could cause a fall and nothing was done to repair or prevent the problem. Often, a personal injury lawyer may come up with some ways to know if proper steps have not been taken purposefully. A judge can even ask the owner of the property any clear questions about the accident. For examples, how long did the floor get damaged before they realized it? Was there a reason why a piece of equipment was in a walkway which caused a hazard of tripping? Such concerns will serve as proof of whether care has been taken to deter injuries or not.

Is it your fault?

Would you ever sunk because of your own clumsiness? A fall is your own fault many times, whether you weren’t paying attention or just tripping on your own two feet. There will be moments however where you believe the owner of the property is partly to blame. If you decide to have your personal injury lawyer file a claim on your behalf, the property owner’s insurance company may have to answer some of the questions. Did you get upset while you were down? You were in a restricted zone? You ought to make sure that you have an reason as to why you believe the person is liable for your loss.