The use of marijuana for medical treatment has stirred much controversy over the years for the chronically ill or critically ill patients. Marijuana was first banned for recreational use in the United States in 1937 but also for the treatment of diseases and ailments. The truth of this prohibition, especially for medical usage, is not backed by evidence, but by politics and special interest interests that often include the pharmaceutical industry.Dispensary Near Me is an excellent resource for this.

Medical marijuana has been shown to assist many sick people, including patients suffering from various stages and forms of cancer. Medical marijuana’s greatest benefits for the sick are the ability to overcome severe nausea caused by chemotherapy and the disease itself. Marijuana also helps with diseases like Aids, HIV, and Cancer by helping improve the patient’s appetite and ability to eat more of the food and nutrients that are key to their survival. Marijuana can also help and benefit people suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, brain cancer, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Now that we learn a little more of how legal marijuana affects patients, one may question ourselves is, “Why would so many people perceive it as such a negative thing?” The issue is indicative of a problem with political and special interest when a good idea is manipulated and conjured up to look terrible for the main intention of political benefits or monetary profits. The image most people imagine is a pothead smoking away and the drug being abused for a high. People don’t picture a sickly woman with breast cancer and receive treatment from a drug with low side effects, causing minimal damage. The explanation behind this is that lawmakers to satisfy the skepticism about medicinal marijuana by voters to have more votes throw stones against the usage about weed behind therapeutic reasons as a negative idea that lures our children to get hooked on narcotics. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry fears that their expensive drugs will be replaced by cheap medical marijuana lines those politicians’ pockets to prevent the use and passage of medical marijuana laws.

Another fair question is why smoke marijuana while many other drugs are available to help with many of the same ailments. When you ask this question you are falling into a trap. Why do you want people to use heavier and much more dangerous drugs that can kill people if they are overdosed or over-prescribed by accident? These alternative drugs are much harmer and more addictive than marijuana ever can be. Sometimes, they are the medical version of cocaine , heroin, oxycotin, etc. Why would you think treating someone with those drugs is better than using marijuana? The answer to this is that you should not. If marijuana will potentially benefit patients with their illnesses, then medication should be made. Not only can it be as effective as synthesized drugs but it can work better than many drugs. Not only that but it would be wiser to prescribe a natural plant over expensive drugs that can cost us thousands of dollars a month at a time when we are trying to save on health care and solve our healthcare cost issues.

In closing the medical marijuana controversy there is much to do about politics and special interest groups than it has to do with really helping and treating people with the best possible care and giving people safer alternatives to dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals. The deeper we look into the controversy over medical marijuana the more we realize that a solution can actually be one of the biggest drug problems.