1. How Would I Use Axe?

You have to start with a very sharp axe. The stronger the finer the. A sharper axe would be much better, given what you may imagine, because it would have a far greater probability of staying in the boards without using too much energy! The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) allows throwing axes for throws at all skill rates that we will later expand upon. Regional hardware shops can’t offer throwing axes, the axes are built to break wood. We want to put the axes in the goal while axe throwing, not cut it in half. Not only does a straight axe help you keep the axe in the goal, it will also allow your aim boards last longer.Have a look at Twisted Axes Throw House for more info on this.

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  1. Goal Axe Tossing

You will need an axe throwing target in addition to a sharp axe. The WATL has resources for building your own destination. Their axe throwing kit includes the markers and stencil to draw your target lines. Targets typically compose of five vertical 2″x10 “wooden planks set next to one another. You can then use the stencil and WATL markers to draw your target, including bullseye and Killshot (which is worth the most points), when the target is set, whether on a target stand, a wall or a combination of the two.

  1. Health Throwing Axe

When tossing axes protection will still be the number one goal. You will be sure that there is never someone near you and the target until you throw and that you have a circle of at least six feet around you and is free to all other men. When you throw at a location or a friend, you ‘re going to want to make sure you put the axes together and recover the axes.

  1. Throwing Axe Stance

You’ll want to take one of two stands after making sure the field is clear:

You will line up exactly in line with the bullseye approximately 12 feet out from the goal by tossing the axe with two paws. Based on axe rotation we can need to change the size.

When you throw the pole with one hand you’ll meet with the throwing arm ‘s shoulder in line with the bullseye, again about 12 foot from the goal. For practitioners, two handed tossing is better.