Although many people believe that dentistry is solely concerned with cleaning the teeth and filling the cavities of patients, the wider area of dental care is actually very complex. Cosmetic dentistry is a different field of practice primarily related to the quality of the teeth and oral tissues. While cosmetic issues are often ignored as less important to overall treatment of a patient, cosmetic dentistry actually provides many useful advantages for patients seeking results in specific care. Understanding the essence of cosmetic dentistry and its many offerings can help dental patients make more educated choices about the treatment they seek over their lifetime. Have a look at Cosmetic Dentistry.

Health and Appearance

In fact the quality of teeth is a key indicator of how healthy they are. Teeth that are discolored, damaged or have surfaces that have been irregularly worn need interventions to help restore health. As the tooth’s health improves, so does its appearance. Most types of dentistry can be thought of as cosmetic in this context. Having said that, there are a number of programs explicitly designed to enhance the appearance of teeth that are either healthy or are currently being handled by a provider.

Cosmetic treatments also have the added benefits of improving a patient’s capacity to eat and talk and even alleviate pain. For example, while bridgework and dental implants may serve the aesthetic purpose of restoring lost teeth, the new teeth are often completely functional, helping patients enjoy their favorite foods and reducing pain from any injury sites associated with missing teeth.

Cosmetics and Engineering

Dentists specializing in cosmetic procedures and cosmetic dentistry clinics offer a wide variety of services including:

Applying corners and caps

Bleaching and blanching dough

The use of veneers in porcelain or composite resin

Placing dental implants

Tooth rearrangement and contouring

Bridges built to repair missing teeth

Modernisation and enhancement of the gum line

Composite resin and dental porcelaine are two of the most common products used in cosmetic dentistry. For many decades these materials have been used successfully and proved highly reliable and very durable. While making veneers, bridgework, or implants, patients are often given the choice of porcelain or resin.