People are visiting restaurants to experience a good dining experience. So if you’re running a dine-in restaurant, you need to watch out for the serving ware you ‘re using. In addition to clean and attractive tableware, clear plastic tumblers are great options for serving drinks in busy dine-in restaurants. Have a look at conservative party tumblers.

Perfect choice for restaurants for dinner

Clear plastic tumblers may be used for drinking tea, new fruit, snacks etc. Smaller models are useful for refilling punch bowls and serving small desserts. These cups can be used in pizzerias, health care facilities and also in casual dining occasions in homes aside from dine-in restaurants. Clear plastic tumblers not only offer the stylish look of glass but also simplify serving tasks at a busy restaurant. The tumblers are small, and simple to hold therefore. They are made of plastic which is break-resistant and are safer and more handy than glassware. They offer easy stacking, transport and storage and are safe to use as a dishwasher.

Easy to clean and Resistant to scratches

Clear plastic tumblers offer the look and feel of glass to your customers but at a reduced cost. The tumblers come in measurements of 22, 16.4, 12, 7.5, 5 ounces. Some models have elevated sidewall rings which add strength and provide a stable, easy to hold surface. Others have lids that are translucent and clear, with flat and dome profiles.
These drinking cups’ interiors are very smooth, and can therefore be easily cleaned. The cups come with internal mounting lugs, to allow quick packing. The exterior finishes are scratch-resistant and durable.

Purchase great quality products

Clear plastic tumblers are ideal replacements for dine-in restaurants, with their unique features and appealing appearance. When you intend to purchase such tumblers, online retailers are a good choice. Most of those stores keep large inventories of different brands and models. Renowned online retailers deliver merchandise of high quality and competitive offers on bulk orders.