About Naturopathic Medicine

You’ll most certainly go to the hospital when you become sick. Usually, the doctor will examine you about the symptoms and then give you at least one and sometimes several prescriptions to relieve the symptoms and presumably heal the disease that the doctor has diagnosed you with. Have a look at naturopathic medicine.

The drugs may have bad side effects; many drugs that the allopathic community believed to be safe were known to be fatal even when used as described and prescribed by a physician. You just have to turn on the television to see the number of class action suits against pharmaceutical companies and the medications that have been removed from the market for many years. Think of Phen Phen and Mitral Valve reversal, or Vioxx (the athletes’ Healthy Pain killer is what my doctor called it). Lipitor the drug that lowers cholesterol has been criticized for false advertising, because the claims made have not been substantiated.

Another choice may be to call a Naturopathic ND or Doctor. The ND will also test you, but will probably ask you a lot more questions, and maybe spend with you over an hour. The allopathic physician will probably see you for a short period of time, maybe just a few minutes, then send the nurse in to give you a shot or hand you some pharmaceutical prescriptions.

Naturopathic medicine is a therapeutic technique that involves methods of therapeutic from various cultures such as Homeopathy, Natural Hygiene, Chinese medicine, Native American medicine and Western Europe. The principle belief is that the body will heal itself, given the proper care and treatment. ND’s will employ both natural and non-toxic techniques and remedies.

The ND would use any and all methods of healing that endorse philosophy. Nutritional support, whole-food diets, herbal medicine, and detoxification may be recommended. Homeopathic treatments, hydrotherapy, therapeutic exercise, and lifestyle counseling may also be recommended. Essentially as long as the procedure follows the mechanisms of healing the body then the ND will use the procedure.

Naturopathic medicine will include a wide variety of therapeutic modalities, but all of these modalities must meet the six principles that are the basis of Naturopathy.

First and foremost-the prime directive you might call Primum Non Nocere which is Latin for “First Do No Harm” The ND will always choose the therapies which limit the possibility of harmful side effects. Any therapy that suppresses the symptoms is avoided because this may interfere with the process of healing. Example if you’ve got cough it’s because your body is trying to get rid of poisons. If you cure cough with cough medication the toxin persists in your body and you go even faster from a cold to pneumonia. Not long ago, a well-known physician was on TV and had asked the audience about the benefits of cough medicine in curing a cold. He’s concluded there was no profit.